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One of man's greatest and oldest dreams has been to fly; and through his perseverance and hard work, this dream has been finally realized through aviation.

Over the years, aviation has already experienced tremendous growth. From military, private and commercial planes to helicopters, gliders and small pleasure aircrafts, aviation pioneers and experts have continuously developed and invented a diverse class of aircrafts.

However, the diversity and the number of years dedicated to the development of these aircrafts still could not guarantee their perfection. Problems are continuously being recognized while efforts to search for their solutions remain futile. So that whether you are the owner, a business partner or a contractor, managing your risks and obtaining an insurance coverage is always a major consideration.

Unlike many other insurance lines, Aviation Insurance is a highly specialized field because of the nature of risks involved; hence, we, at Investors Assurance have carefully evaluated and selected the following insurance lines to offer to guarantee protection for your most valuable investments:

Our Aviation Insurance covers for losses or damages to your aircraft including its engines and/or accessories, as well as for liabilities arising from death of or injury to its passengers and/or damage to its cargo.

With the rapid modernization and technological advancements happening in the country today, demand for the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and other infrastructures continuously increase. Similarly, the potential risks faced by contractors and/or the property-owners also increase.

We, at Investors Assurance offer the following insurance lines to protect your properties against potential loss or damage during construction. Likewise, through our facilities, we provide insurance coverage against stock damage or deterioration, machinery breakdown and many others. These policies include:

Since its discovery, fire has become one of the most basic necessities for human life. At some instances, however, it can also become one of the most formidable adversaries of man.

Through the years, the intensity and gravity of destruction caused by fire and other related perils have proven to become immeasurable and the victims, innumerable. For this reason, fire insurance has evolved to become one of the most common and popularly availed insurance covers in the market.

As the name connotes, fire insurance undertakes to indemnify against the perils of fire and lightning on buildings, machinery, equipment, inventory and the like. It may also be extended to include any or all of the following extraneous perils:

Commonly mistaken as being similar to the long-term financial instruments offered by banks, bonds offered by surety companies, such as the Company, are a form of promise that the Company offers to one party to a contract (who is the recipient of an obligation, or the “obligee”) wherein it guarantees that the other party to the contract (or the “principal”) shall be fulfilling all of its obligations by virtue of the provisions of the contract they executed. While there are almost about a hundred types of bonds being offered by surety companies, each bond is uniquely crafted to meet the specific needs of each contract. Notwithstanding this, only a few companies, such as the Company, have been granted the permission to issue government bonds, in addition to all private bonds being offered by other surety companies, by way of an administrative order issued by the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Some classifications and examples of these bonds are the following:

Being surrounded by waters, our country has hugely depended on marine navigation for most of its sources of livelihood. For one, most of our people are engaged in overseas commerce and for this to be both economical and practical, marine insurance coverage has been constantly availed of not only by seafarers, but by manufacturers and importers as well.

Marine Insurance basically covers against losses incidental to a "maritime adventure" wherein vessels as well as goods or other moveable merchandises are exposed to maritime perils. These maritime perils include perils of the sea, fire, pirates, jettison, barratry, and many others designated under the policy.

Under this type of insurance, Investor Assurance offers the following lines:

Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo Insurance particularly covers against marine losses or damages to properties, goods, merchandises, freights and/or profits in the course of transit regardless of the mode of conveyance (i.e. by land, sea or air).

Marine Hull

On the other hand, Marine Hull Insurance covers against physical losses to a ship/vessel including its hull, machinery and/or equipment. It also undertakes indemnification for liabilities incurred out of collisions with another/other vessels.

As vehicle collisions commonly happen along the roads, motor vehicle insurance policies provide protection against physical damage to an insured vehicle and/or bodily injury resulting from said vehicle’s collision with another vehicle, aside from other additional liabilities that may possibly arise therefrom. As a compulsory requirement by the Land Transportation Office (LTO), all motor vehicle owners annually secure CTPL coverage (good for three years for first time registration of new vehicles), which provide the assured basic protection for third party liability arising out of a collision. Meanwhile, a comprehensive motor vehicle policy also includes protection both against physical damage to both the assured vehicle and the vehicle it may have collided with, as well as against vehicle theft. Motor vehicle policies include the following:

As much as we know the importance of protecting your investments, we at Investors Assurance also understand the value of the protection we must extend to your loved ones.

Through our personal accident insurance, we can provide benefits/ indemnification in case of losses due to death, disablement/ dismemberment and medical expenses or loss of income arising out of an accident. This may also be extended to include:

Additionally, we are also offering group personal accident insurance, travel insurance, medical/health insurance, and other similar packages which can suit your particular needs.


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