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Specialized Non-Life Insurance Policies/Packages

Complete facilities on all types of bonds in compliance with the requirements of the Bureau of Customs in connection with the importation of dutiable goods/merchandise, spare parts/accessories and raw materials for bonded manufacturing warehouses. Other types of bonds are also available such as Re-Export Bond, Bonds for Customs Broker, Gen. Bond for Common Carrier, Transportation Bond, Surety Bond, etc..

With Supreme Court Accreditation and Authority, we have the complete facilities on all types of bonds for civil cases such as replevin with counter, attachment with counter, Guardian’s, administrator’s, heir’s bond, Preliminary Injunction, Sheriff’s Indemnity, Unlawful Detainer and others. We also have the Accreditation and Authority from the Regional Trial Courts and Metropolitan Trial Courts in major cities and municipalities throughout the country allowing us to issue Bail Bonds for accused involved in criminal case/s.

A packaged product designed to protect, help and assist the FARMER from mobilization of farming tools and equipment to sowing of seeds until harvest period. The PLAN will compensate the FARMER in the event of loss or damage to his harvested produce arising from fire and/or lightning, providing as well for daily hospital allowance during temporary incapacity to work due to accidental injury or writing-off of any loan obligation in the event of accidental death.

A guaranteed protection for the Operator against loss of daily boundary, damage of unit, claims from thirty party and passenger liability. The TOP entitles the member to possess an ATM CARD that can be used to access enrolment for the Personal Accident with coverage for death and disablement, accidental medical reimbursement and natural death cash assistance as well as options for other types of insurance coverage.


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